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If you really decide for yourself to play baccarat for money, you should be completely prepared for it. Once you get enough baccarat game skills, you can even play baccarat live.

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Baccarat Rules

Here are some rules that govern different baccarat games and should be understood well before you start trying your hand at it.

Rule 1: Betting Areas

It is betting areas which determines the flow of the game. At the very beginning, you have to place your bet on one of the areas namely "banker","tied" or "player". Your intuition guides you to bet on the winning hand and if this proves right you will stand to win the game.

Rule 2: Drawing Rules

There are well set and strictly followed rules with respect to drawing the cards. Neither the bank nor the player have the option of going against it. So be well versed with these rules before you begin the game. The player will get to draw a card depending on his hand totals. He has to stand when the hand totals to 6 or 7. Similarly, 8 and 9 which are called the naturals also carry special significance requiring the players to stand. There are certain rules on when the banker is allowed to draw a card on similar lines and he is bound by a few more rules when his hand totals sum up to 0, 1 or 2. Bankers, too, will have to stand when their totals lie anywhere between 6 and 9. Knowing baccarat probabilities helps in gambling.

Rule 3: Counting Points

Every card has a value associated with it and this constitutes the major part of Baccarat rules. This game has especially earned its name because of the value associated with the King, Queen, Jack and tens. You should know all these rules and how to calculate the points as per these rules. The "Bank hand" and "Player hand" represent the community hand for the "bank" and "player" respectively.

There are another version of the game called Mini Baccarat which moves at a faster pace though the rules followed are very similar to the ones followed in the original game.

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