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If you really decide for yourself to play baccarat for money, you should be completely prepared for it. Once you get enough baccarat game skills, you can even play baccarat live.

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Baccarat Probabilities

Baccarat probabilities are the reasons for the widespread popularity of this game. There are three main reasons for this game to be the popular choice among people. First of all, the house advantage in low. Secondly, there is no need to strategize the game and thirdly, the simplicity of the game.

There are some questions commonly asked by the people who are new to the game. What has elegance and prestige got to do with a casino game? Who should actually play baccarat? And, what has velvet got to do with this game?

While these may seem to be relevant questions, even the most experienced players of this game are unable to give satisfactory answers. The glamour and glitz associated with baccarat is what makes this game very appealing. There are exclusively roped off sections in Vegas casinos that are adorned with velvet partitions. The beautiful women seated around the baccarat tables also add to the glamour quotient. Serious looking dealers, clad in tuxedos, add to the prestige and wealth associated with this game. All this put together might lead to an assumption that this game is restricted to those from the upper strata of society; however, this is far from the truth.

In this article, let us understand the baccarat probabilities and the simplicity of the game better. Being aware of these probabilities will increase your chances of winning the game, though this is a game of luck.

Let us understand the common aspects about baccarat probabilities players commonly wonder about.

Best bet

There is a meager 1.17% house edge is the wager is on the banker. This slightly increases to 1.35% if the bet is on the player. The minimal house edge is what is most appealing to the players. You should also keep in mind that there is a 5% commission charged by the casinos on banker bets that are won. This gives clear cut information on where the best bet lies.

Placing a bet on a tie

Wagering on the tie is the least recommended option in baccarat. Despite the payouts being high for players betting on it, it is important to understand that people seldom win in this case. You should consider yourself to be very lucky if you wager on the tie and win it! Try it out in the casino baccarat.

Decks used

It is recommended that you consider this point before embarking on the game. Despite this being the most important factor, it is commonly overlooked. Given below is a table that outlines the baccarat probabilities in games used various number of decks.


It is easily seen that the least house advantage is when just a single deck is used. Since baccarat is a game of high stakes, every single decimal point advantage makes a significant difference. You can use it as a tip.

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